Secure Recycling - About UsResponsible end of life handling of IT assets requires the best expertise in the industry. Secure Recycling provides that expertise with innovative solutions that help customers maximize return and minimize both the data security and environmental risks, which are associated with the disposition of surplus IT assets.

Today, more than ever, corporate America understands the need for professional handling of end of life electronics. Secure Recycling provides professional, seamless solutions and technologies that allow our clientele to be assured that their interests are protected and their risks are minimized.

Secure Recycling is a IT Asset Disposition and Management Provider as well as premier electronics recycler nationwide. Our mission is to provide our customers with seamless solutions for maximizing return and minimizing the risks associated with data security and improper handling of end of life electronics.


Secure Recycling offers IT Asset Management, Disposition (ITAD) and Data Security Services, Reverse Logistics as well as responsible electronics recycling to Fortune 500, public and private businesses, local, state and federal government agencies nationwide. Secure Recycling is committed to testing, refurbishing, remarketing, reusing and recycling of end-of-life electronic equipment in an environmentally safe manner ensuring accurate downstream distribution with the mitigation of client reputation, environmental and data security risks. Secure Recycling will ensure through a defined scope within its Environmental Management System is appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts, and occupational health and safety, social accountability, and protection of confidentiality through strict data destruction practices during all of its activities, products sold and services provided. Our model is based on a “Plan-Do-Check-Act” philosophy. Secure Recycling has implemented sustainable business practices and implemented safe technologies associated with our asset recovery and recycling operations that minimize the creation of waste and prevents pollution through the conservation of energy that minimizes our ecological footprint. Secure Recycling has in place efficient emergency response procedures that minimize potentially adverse impacts on the environment. Diversified prohibits holistically the use of forced or child labor and/or prison labor/operations throughout the Recycling Chain.

Secure Recycling adheres to a strict “zero land fill” policy for all electronic waste through the REcovery, REfurbish, REuse and REcycling of ALL assets and surplus electronics to the extent that it is technically and economically practical.

Secure Recycling is dedicated to sustainable development and recognizes the necessity for comprehensive environmental management through the recognition of Hazardous Electronic Waste (HEW), Problematic Components & Material (PCM) and Focus Materials (FM’s) in order to safeguard the global environment for our community, our business, and our people. In addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations, we will constantly endeavor to balance environmental considerations and social responsibilities through a sustainable approach that benefits the consumers, customers, shareholders, associates and communities we serve by both meeting our business goals and protecting and improving the quality of the environment in which we all live. In an effort to measure up to these commitments and responsibilities Secure Recycling is committed to ensuring strict compliance with all relevant local, state, federal and international environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements as identified in the Environmental Management System consistent with the requirements which relate to Secure Recycling’s Environmental and Stewardship Aspects. We will comply with all relevant regulations of the countries importing equipment or components containing Hazardous Electronic Waste (HEW), Problematic Components & Material (PCM) and Focus Materials that have passed through our facility or ever came under our control.

To ensure steadfast commitment to the constant improvement both through qualitative and quantitative measures, Secure Recycling will maintain an Environmental Management System, (EMS) in conformance with the requirements of the R2: 2013, Responsible Recycling Standard for Electronics Recyclers, ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007. This system includes the development and continuous quality improvement of effective policies, appropriate programs and procedures, which set environmental, occupational health and safety, and data security objectives and targets. These goals and objectives will be monitored and audited on an ongoing basis to assess progress or need for increased attention in an identified area. The Environmental Policy is available to the public and requires that all downstream processors operate consistent with the principles of SA 8000. Through a thorough orientation and training program with all of our staff, we strive to improve the performance of our processes to enhance the benefits to our customers, suppliers, neighbors, partners, and other stakeholders.