Scope of Services Of The Environmental Management System

Secure Recycling has developed and implemented a policy and objectives which take into account legal and other requirements to which Secure Recycling subscribes, and information about significant environmental, health and safety, data security, and social accountability aspects. This scope covers environmental processes implemented and maintained at all Secure Recycling location(s). It applies to those environmental and stewardship aspects that Secure Recycling identifies as those which it can control and those which it can influence.”

Electronics Recycling Services

The Scope of services provided by Secure Recycling includes the recovery, refurbishing, processing, reusing, recycling, de-manufacturing, and remarketing of computers, laptops, servers, networking equipment and various end of life electronics from generators across the United States. These products may also include “HEW” Hazardous Electronic Waste and “PCM” Problematic Components and Materials under this scope. These products are referred to as “Additional Products” under this scope

The following products are referred to as Hazardous Electronic Waste (HEW) and Problematic Components & Material (PCM), under this scope.

CRTs: A vacuum tube or picture tube used to convert an electronic signal into a visual image, such as a television or computer monitor.

Printed Circuit Boards: Whole or shredded circuit boards, except for whole or shredded circuit boards that do not contain lead solder, and have undergone safe and effective processing, or manual dismantling, to remove mercury and batteries.

Batteries: A device containing an electric cell or a series of electric cells storing energy that can be converted into electrical power (usually in the form of direct current). Types may include Lead Acid, NICAD (Nickel Cadmium), NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), Obsolete, and Lithium Ion.

Toner Cartridges: A cartridge that contains ink or dry toner typically found in laser and ink jet printers (not considered a Focus Material but to be treated as such).

PCBs: Short for polychlorinated biphenyl. Any of a family of very stable industrial compounds used as lubricants, heat-transfer fluids, and plasticizers.

Mercury: Also called quicksilver hydrargyrum, a heavy silvery-white toxic liquid metallic element occurring principally in cinnabar: used in thermometers, barometers, mercury-vapor lamps, and dental amalgams.

The scope shall include the processing services directly to generators for Hazardous Electronic Waste (HEW) and Problematic Components & Material (PCM) and “Additional Products”, with differential rates for varying amounts and types of products. Processing includes both the highest value reuse and possible reselling of usable equipment, as well as the dismantling of the products for parts and raw materials. In addition to the quoted rates below for the processing of electronic products, separate charges are quoted for transportation of electronics by the vendors to their facilities. Generators must calculate both processing and transportation charges to determine the actual full price that will be charged for the handling of their electronics. Generators may also at their own expense deliver their electronics directly to our facility as identified below. In all cases, generators must follow the vendors’ specifications in packaging material for transport.

Secure Recycling shall provide other services to include : “turnkey” public recycling collection events, providing onsite storage trailers, providing training, and providing transport packaging materials. Furthermore, Secure provides revenue sharing options for various products that have reusable or re-sellable value. Generators are encouraged to review those parts of the scope/agreement and discuss with the sales representative to determine how they may apply to their particular situation.

Each generator is encouraged to carefully evaluate its specific needs, its proximity to Secure’ s facility, the nature of its surplus inventory, and any other factor that will affect the overall price of service it may request or receive. Secure is available to discuss the specifics of any generator’s situation, if more information is needed. Secure provides data destruction services available at the generators request. This function is highly recommended to protect generators against the unauthorized use or sharing of data left on electronic devices. These services can be negotiated between the generator and the sales representative.


QEHSMS Policy Statement

Secure Recycling is committed to providing a quality product while protecting the environment and ensuring all personnel, both on-site and throughout the recycling chain, are protected from occupational health & safety issues.  Secure Recycling strives for continual improvement of its products, services and its Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System. Our QEHSMS Policy demonstrates our commitment to the following:

  1. A commitment to prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in OH&S management and OH&S performance for employees, contractors, visitors and all employees who handle our material throughout the recycling chain;
  2. A commitment to investigate any workplace accidents, injuries, and near misses, and promptly correct any unsafe condition or practice;
  3. A commitment to comply with, and where practicable exceed, the requirements of the QEHSMS;
  4. A commitment to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution, use of sustainable resources and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems;
  5. A commitment to comply with all relevant QEHS compliance obligations, customer and product requirements, industry guidelines, and any other QEHS commitments made by the organization;
  6. Establishment of QEHS objectives and targets that demonstrate our commitment to this policy;
  7. Demonstrate(s) senior management’s commitment to customer satisfaction;
  8. A commitment to work with downstream partners, customers and contractors to fulfill our environmental and health & safety goals; and
  9. A willingness to always strive towards continual improvement of our QEHSMS to enhance QEHS performance.

It is the commitment of Secure Recycling to ensure that all material received is handled in accordance with the hierarchy of responsible management strategies. This hierarchy follows the Reuse, Materials Recovery, and Energy Recovery or Land Disposal strategy as outlined in Provision 2 of the R2:2013 Standard.